Interpreter for negotiations

We provide you with simultaneous and consecutive interpreter during conferences and negotiations

Simultaneous interpreting

Please pay special attention: simultaneous interpreter should be familiar with documents and other materials, which will be the main issues of the upcoming conference or negotiations.

You should provide the interpreter with all the documents, reports, presentations and other materials not less than 15 days before the upcoming event. Simultaneous interpreting allows to reduce the duration of a conference or negotiations with several participants for about 40 percents – that is the main advantage of it.

Documents for interpreters

The schedule of simultaneous interpreter includes preparation for conferences and negotiations on a par with their participants in order to be ready to interpret exactly the details of the discussion, to get acquainted with the brief abbreviation of the organizations and the names and surnames of the participants.


Our interpreter has got invaluable experience during international conferences and negotiations with several participants. We will help you to organize simultaneous interpreting and provide cooperation among participants during the responsible events.

Mobile booths for simultaneous interpretation

Consecutive interpreting

The preliminary negotiations are held before the basic negotiations in the form of personal meetings and by phone. During preliminary negotiations the participants try to include as many detailed provisions as possible to draft a precise text of a contract. Consecutive interpreting means translation sentence by sentence. We are ready to provide confident English-Russian interpreter at this stage.

During the preliminary negotiations a pro forma contract is drafted. Such a pro forma contract includes terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. A pro forma contract is usually drafted by one side and carefully studied by the other. If the pro forma contract contains terms and conditions that the other side does not approve, further negotiations continue until the final text of the contract is agreed upon by both parties.

We are ready to assist you at all stages of export and import transactions, international cooperation agreements.

Remote simultaneuos interpretation


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