Industry insights and reports translation for exporters, importers and traders.

For exporters, importers of exchange traded commodities and financial instruments traders insights and reports from Argus, Platts, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), London Energy Brokers’ Association (LEBA), DREWRY are necessary for price discovery and market trends coverage.

Research and forecasts from Platts, Argus have become a benchmark for market participants. They use such reports to determine competitive prices before signing contracts and to reach complete transparency in deals.

To cover your commodity market you have to analyze both exchange and OTC prices. To sign a contract it’s necessary to bear in mind delivery location, supply chain stops, freight rates. Such data has become a benchmark, performing custom spreads for any products, locations, supply chain stops and time.

Thomson Reuters Lanworth crop production forecasts

For example, Lanworth Crop Production Forecasts enable you to take profitable positions ahead of price-changing announcements by government agencies and other bodies.

Exchange traded commodities markets data from leading providers

Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters Eikon provide subscription for exchange traded commodities markets data from the leading providers. If you have any difficulties with interpretation/translation of indicators and analytics in reports we are ready to help. Our specialist is certified by Bloomberg Institute program for financial markets specialists and Bloomberg Terminal users.

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