For companies engaged in international business transactions

If your company is looking for international partners, including partnership for joint ventures, scientific and research development and also suppliers and consumers abroad – we are ready to help.

We provide:

    • English-Russian/Russian-English simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during international conferences, forums, negotiations, trade fairs and exhibitions;
    • translation of analytical, information, marketing and advertising materials, documents for export and import transactions, industry insights from English to Russian and from Russian to English.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter for international conferences and negotiations

Our interpreter has the necessary level of education and experience. In 2009 Yulia Chernishova graduated from Saratov State Socio-Economic University (summa cum laude) as a specialist in World Economy, specializing in external economic affairs of enterprises and firms. She has invaluable experience in international trade: provided translation and interpreting services for producers and suppliers during import of equipment for aesthetic medicine and dermatology (equipment which uses a combination of radiofrequency and optical energy (laser or light)) from Israel, spare parts for fire and rescue equipment from China, electric airless hydraulic pumps from Italy. 

Yulia has completed the EF SET and has C2 Proficient level of English language knowledge. EF SET is a standard English test developed to assess language proficiency (from A1 Beginner to C2 Proficient). This  score scale has become the internationally recognized standard of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF).

EF SET Certificate

She participated in international conferences and negotiations as simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. Yulia performed simultaneous translation for the members of international organizations during discussions and approving procedures of resolutions concerning various issues. Among them are discussions of amendments to the statutes, discussions of arrangement and preparation for international sports events, discussions of financial statements and balance sheets, voting procedures.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter in Saratov
During these events the representatives of national federations and divisions took part from India, South Korea, England, Senegal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, Turkey and the CIS countries. With such a diverse list of participants simultaneous translation into English (the universal language of business communication) helps all the representatives to participate actively in events, express their opinion during discussions on controversial issues and therefore to find effective solutions to the problems.

We will help you to organize simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during international conferences, forums and negotiations.

Letter of Gratitude for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

      • No matter what industry enterprise works in,  for successful cooperation with international partners, there should be not just a translator in the stuff, but a specialist with education and practical experience in international commercial deals, with ability to take into consideration international market conditions and fluctuation. Our specialist is certified by Bloomberg Institute program for financial markets specialists and Bloomberg Terminal users.

Bloomberg Certificate for Chernishova Yulia

English-Russian interpreter with knowledge and practical experience in foreign economic affairs can deal with complicated issues which inevitably come across enterprises and firms trying to gain access to russian markets.

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