Presentation translation

As a result of preparation for international trade fairs and exhibitions it is necessary to provide advertising materials which exactly reflect product characteristics in accordance with the terminology used in particular industry. At the same time to explain in a simple manner the advantages of products/services. We help you to prepare properly for such events.

Translation of presentations, catalogs, advertising materials into Russian language

International trade fairs and exhibitions have tremendous influence as a place for negotiations of business representatives from different countries to maintain personal contacts and establish new ones. Such negotiations ultimately can result in reaching a deal.

Trade fairs and exhibitions as centers for economic and scientific sharing of ideas have a great media impact. Each trade fair and exhibition also has an opportunity to influence business community and public outcry.

Cross-cultural marketing and advertising

Participation in international trade fairs should be considered as extremely effective form of trading, advertising, economic and political activity.

Consecutive interpreting during exibitions and trade fairs

We are ready to provide confident English-Russian business interpreter for your company presentation and negotiations at international trade fairs and exhibitions.

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