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When exporter is trying to organize technical maintenance he also needs interpreter. The main aim of technical maintenance is permanent and economically effective usage of equipment and machines. Technical support of complex equipment include installation instructions and operation manuals for the customers, training courses for customer’s employees, consulting during exploitation, supply of replacement parts.

Manuals guide translation into English-Russian version

One of the requirements for proper technical support is control of the right usage of equipment. Exporter must provide customer with all the necessary specifications, manuals and schemes.

Special attention should be devoted to training courses for maintenance personnel in the customer’s country. Such approach results in reduction in technical problems during exploitation, especially within guarantee period. Large firms invite customer’s personnel for training and internship.

Technical maintenance for exported goods and services with English-Russian call center

The better exporter organises technical maintainig, the better will be his position in international market. Conversely, unsatisfying technical support can destroy all the efforts and even result in market loss.

We are ready to help during all stages of technical maintenance and provide assistance as English-Russian interpreter and as an international trade expert simultaneously.

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