Documents translation for export and import transactions

International commercial practice for export and import transactions is based on different types of activities, divided into several stages with specific tasks and formalities concerning documents drafting to provide the deal.

There are several stages of export and import transactions: deal preparation, contract sighing and contract executing.

Exporter has various ways to establish contacts with potential buyers during the preparation of a deal. Our interpreter will help you to:

  • draft a commercial offer for one or several potential buyers;
  • confirm and process an order;
  • draft an offer for a buyer together with a pro-forma contract, specifying terms and conditions, as a reply to customer’s enquiry;
  • take part in trade fairs and exhibitions, both international and domestic;
  • draft a letter of intend to take part in deal negotiations;
  • draft a pro-forma contract on the basis of previous negotiations with a buyer;
  • place advertising materials in mass media, distribute catalogs, price lists of your products to potential buyers, organize an advertising campaign in the country of a customer.


Draft a commercial offer, letter of intend, pro-forma contract, price list, specification with delivery terms and contitions in Russian language

If you are planning an import deal, our interpreter will help you to:

  • place an order with the seller;
  • make an inquiry concerning the products/services you are interested in;
  • draft a specification with the delivery terms and conditions including packaging and labeling requirements, the standards for the freight and carriage documents, and also the amount and weight of partial deliveries;
  • draft a letter of intent addressed to a manufacturer in response to advertising materials;
  • draft a letter of intent with the aim to participate in negotiations in response to an offer.

To use the above mentioned forms of establishing contacts with partners successfully, you need an assistance of an expert in international trade with business practice knowledge, understanding of negotiations value and ability to interpret all the substantial terms and conditions.

During the deal preparation and negotiations concerning terms and conditions the exact translation becomes the aim of outmost importance. The crucial part is to translate exactly all the substantial terms of your offer and vice versa you can negotiate successfully only if you understand completely the details of a proposal made by the other side of the deal.

Our interpreter will help you to translate all the necessary documents for a deal preparation and negotiations within any chosen form of international cooperation.

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