Business plan translation

Private companies and governmental structures of different countries compete with each other to obtain financing from investors. It is always necessary to provide precise, well-structured business plan of the project both in English and in Russian. This is a question of outmost importance during negotiations.

Business plan gives an opportunity to demonstrate financial and economic literacy. We help you to correct the text, add precise financial and economic terms which will be accurate and relevant.

Investors make special requirements for valuation methods used to determine how much an asset, portfolio of assets, stream of cash flows or business is worth and to know how to split the partnership fairly in situations when prospective partners are creating a joint venture. Agreed upon valuation methodologies provide a common language for buyers, sellers, advisors and creditors.

The choice of the right valuation method depends on industry, business model and certain situation. Most often, some combination of valuation methodologies is used to perform valuation analysis. As a rule, only a translator with economic background is able to interpret correctly financial terms and economic indicators which constitute the basis of your plan.

Determining the optimal combination of debt and equity a company should use to fund its operations requires an understanding of the company’s credit risk, its cash requirements, the sources of capital available to it, and the markets for those sources of capital (meaning investor’s appetite and available supply of money).

Business plan translation for russian shareholders

While trying to obtain financing it is necessary to get approval from the board of directors and, in some cases, shareholders approval. Tax structuring of the deal, appropriate to industry and assets, is the key factor to influence shareholder decision. Shareholders are always obsessed with tax consequences of any deal and your goal is to offer the most convenient tax planning strategy. We will help to translate exactly all the substantial terms of your proposal into Russian language.

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